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Congregations across all 15 churches he ran were stunned when a letter was read out simultaneously by officials informing them he had quit his post in disgrace as a result of his affair. Nine months later, he would resign from office in disgrace. And If he took your advice and retired in disgrace, who would you nominate as a replacement?

But a few months later, he was back, contesting the by-election held to find a new member to fill the seat he had vacated in disgrace. On the other hand, the defence minister, who had to quit in disgrace, was silently reinducted over protests from opposition and media. She was eventually sent home early in disgrace.

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To pardon an exile. Jump to. A fine state of things, to be sure! To defraud. Quiero comer algo.

He failed a drugs test and was sent home in disgrace. But dismissed in disgrace nearly 10 years ago, he is using his influence and contacts to make a return from exile. Example sentences. It is hateful, shameful and a disgrace to all when it is used unintelligently. It's a disgrace to any concept of fairness, an insult to a horrible past, encouragement to a disgraceful present and in the long run it damages everyone.

Our exclusion is a scandal and a disgrace to the local Council. It was considered a disgrace to have a pauper's funeral, hence the need for a community hearse.

Tengo mucho hambre

The man is a disgrace to honest lawyers everywhere. The magazine is a disgrace to our neighborhood, minorities or not, and is insulting to our intelligence. If the rumours are true, then it will be twice the size it is now, and that really would be a disgrace to the countryside. You are a disgrace to the House of Representatives. The verdict and trial were a disgrace to justice. I have always believed in fair play and in justice; and those sorts of shootings were a disgrace to any civilised community. Your paper is a disgrace to the profession of journalism.

It is not a disgrace to care about what is really happening.

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You are a blight upon the human race and a disgrace to your profession. However, more people than you could ever dream of find you utterly abhorrent and a disgrace to this country. Our media are a disgrace to the hallowed concept of freedom of the press. He's a disgrace to the game of football with his acrobatic carryings-on. Close Support Global Voices To stay independent, free, and sustainable, our community needs the help of friends and readers like you.

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The source added: 'It was a shame the night ended so badly.

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They bring shame and disgrace on the religion. This has brought real shame on the family. We will not be returning to the days when a hooligan minority shamed the name of football.

Sin Verguenza

Which smears the sense of guilt with a veneer of shame and regret. You have instead brought shame and disgrace. It is possible to feel shame without the cause of that feeling becoming public knowledge. It may take time for them to get over their shame about what to tell the neighbours. Trends of shame. In other languages shame. Translate your text for free. Nearby words of shame. Related terms of shame. Translation of shame from the Collins English to Spanish. Quick word challenge Quiz Review. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review.

This week's Spanish word is 'mano'. Find out its meaning and how it is used!

Read more. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today.